Zagori Metallic 1lt / Location: Zagorochori – Highlands of Mount Pindos – Middle Greece

San Pellegrino Sparkling 750ml / Location: Bergamo – Italy

Xinonero Sparkling 1lt / Location: Florina – North Greece

Selters Sparkling 750ml / Location: Tanus Mountains – Germany

T A U Sparkling 750ml/ Location: Bethania – Wales

V O S S Sparkling 800ml/ Location: Vatnestrøm – Norway

E V I A N Metallic 750ml/ Location: Lake Geneva – France


Draught Heineken Premium Lager (500 ml)

Rose Sprakling wine glass (90 ml)

Aperol Spritz (500ml)
(Aperol / Prosecco / San Pellegrino fizzy water)

Blue Lagoon (400ml)
(Ciroc Vodka / Blue Curacao / Lemon juice)

“The Perfect Cosmos Gin & Tonic” (400 ml)
Tanqueray Gin & Britvic Tonic with fresh lime slices and fresh blueberry 

Alternative Gin: Nolet’s – Ultra Aroma


 APPETIZERS (Gf: gluten free)

Restaurant uses extra virgin “cold pressing” Cretan Olive oil produced in not more than 27⁰C.

”The Green zebra tomato Greek salad” – Green zebra cherry tomatoes, baked sweet onions, highland feta, zucchini carpaccio, chopped dice row colored peppers, Cretan olives, and house made baked bread
(Gf without the bread)

Traditional wine leave rolls, stuffed with rice & Cretan herbs with house made lemon sauce topping (Gf)

Traditional fresh baked moussaka with house made béchamel
(For 2 persons)

Baked feta with sweet mustard, jacked in puff pastry with rose chutney

Burger style mini garlic bread stuffed with sweet cheese, side of savory cheesecake with peanut/chili caramel and Tapas souvlaki with sun dried tomato-pepper stuffed with cheese-west island salami & pickle

Sea bass ceviche on a bed of summer fruits vinaigrette, chopped row colored peppers and zucchini & salmon eggs. (Gf)

Octopus leg marinated in white vinegar and olive oil, with egg roe cream, and organic beetroot. (Gf)

”Shrimp tart” – House made tart, stuffed with caramelized onions, leek, Shrimps, Scallops and melted Cretan gruyere

”U m a m i” – Smoked salmon roll stuffed with cheese/avocado cream, wrapped in zucchini carpaccio on a bed of mustard/honey vinaigrette, Roquefort, and salmon eggs (Gf)

”The Οyzo conspiracy” (Gf)
Oyzo glass Varangiani (Collection – Black Label – Ultra Strong) and the absolute fish to support
Fresh yellowfin tuna fish tartare with cuttlefish ink, rogue eggs, Flathead grey mullet egg (Greek caviar) and gold leaf.
(Alternative drink: Tsipouro Babatzim-Chardonnay-Macedonia)

All appetizers are sized for 1 person (120-150 grm)



All pastas are ended with fresh parsley

”Village Pasta” – Penne with tomato sauce, chopped onions, colored peppers, button mushrooms, zucchini, black olive rolls and feta (Gf)

”Chicken Pasta” – Penne with chicken breast, fresh spinach and gorgonzola cheese cream (Gf)

”Beef Pasta” – Μafalde with chopped beef fillet, porcini mushrooms, creamy Merlot sauce and gruyere cheese topping
Suggested wine: Merlot “Chateau Julia” – Proud Macedonia / Hellas

”Shrimps & Orzo Au’ Gratin”
Orzo in the oven, with Atlantic sea wild shrimps, tomato, garlic, fresh basil and Cretan Gruyere gratin
Suggested wine: SantoWines Nychteri / Santorini Island / Hellas



“Stifado” – Traditional beef stew ragout with onions caramelized in Metaxa brandy, and deep fried village potatoes (Gf)
Suggested wine: Cabernet Sauvignon / Domain Douloufakis / Crete

Grilled highland chicken fillet on a bed of sweet potato puree, fresh vegetables, and Cretan Gruyere sauce (Gf)
Suggested whiskey: Nikka Taketsuru / Japan

“Traditional Souvlaki” – Free range lamb skewer (souvlaki style) marinated with herbs and olive oil, with fried baby potatoes, smoked pancetta, button mushrooms, sun dried tomato and row greens. Extra side of traditional tzatziki (Gf)
Suggested beer: Erdinger /  Weiss bier / Bavaria

Grass-fed mutton chops on a peanut crust with Marsala sauce and kennel of boiled potato/avocado/shrimp/smoked mayonnaise/fresh onion/paprika (Gf)
Suggested Rum: Ron Zacapa Solera Grand Reserva / Guatemala

”Τhe absolute Surf & Turf Royale”
Giant Atlantic wild lobster prawns (500 grm), traditional house made potato gnocchi and chopped free range sautéed chicken fillet, blended & served with our culinary summer Philadelphia sauce
Suggested Vodka: Cîroc / France

Extras / sides (For 1-2 persons) (Gf)
1. Bowl of deep fried potatoes with side of mini sauce
2. Plate of summer vegetables

Ask your waiter for the available day fishes (Gf)



Beef steaks are not recommended more than medium done

”The Bill Carson’s massive beef burger”- (250 gr – Urban Size)
Cattle: Charolaise – South France
Our culinary beef burger on brioche bread with caramelized onions, crispy bacon, house made mayo tar-tare and melted Macedonian Cheese.
Served with traditional steak potatoes and side of spicy mayonnaise Jalapeno

”The traditional Iberic spicy rustic pork steaks” (500 gr – bone part)
Skin on suckling’s pig cutlets sautéed in garlic butter with blue cheese/chili/smoked paprika sauce and.side of traditional potato soufflé ”au gratin”

”The old school Jackson’s steak – (600 gr – Brave Cutting – Ultra Huge) (Gf)
Cattle: Taurus Rubia Gallega – Rioja – Spain.
8 months grilled Spanish Taurus sirloin steak, with baked vegetables, village potatoes and side of rustic sauces
1. Traditional Bbq
2. Mustard & Cretan Thyme Honey

”Signature dish – Traditional Pepper Steak ” (250 gr – Fine Cut) (Gf)
Cattle: Limousine – Μiddle France.
Best Part οf beef fillet with traditional pepper sauce, baked vegetables and chef’s baby potatoes.
Suggested wine: Syrah Avantis / Evvoia Island / Greece

”Cowboy Steak – The Rib Eye – Premium intramuscular fat deposition Marble Quality. (500-550 gr – King’s Cut)” (Gf)
Cattle: Black Angus – West Uruguay – America.
Free range boneless grilled entrecote prime rib eye steak with wine sauce, season potato and side of juicy Coleslaw salad.
Suggested whisky: Αmrut Single Malt / India

Every day in our restaurant ultra-quality beef steaks such as Texas Longhorn T-bone, Brazilian Picanha and Japanese Kobe. For informations about availability and prices talk with your waiter


Cattle: Charolaise – South France
Alternative Cattle depending on the market availability:
Taurus Rubia Gallega – Rioja – Spain.
(Highly recommended)
Steak is not recommended more than medium.

Try our beef Flank Steak marinated in soya / olive oil, with sweet wine sauce, village potatoes, supported with summer Coleslaw salad

Fix price for 2 persons (600 grm)
Fix price for 4 persons (1200 grm)

Suggested wine: Cabernet Sauvignon
Loupakis Estate / Chania / Crete