Draught Heineken 500ml

Rose Sprarkling wine glass 90ml

Cointreau Fizz 250ml (Cointreau / lime juice / soda)

Cosmos Tanqueray Gin & ginger ale 400ml

Aperol Spritz 400ml (Aperol, Proseco, Soda)




Modern edition of mignon Greek salad with organic “Green Zebra” cherry tomatoes, mini  caramelized onions , zucchini carpaccio, dices of summer peppers ,highland feta and puff pastry baked bread.(gf without the baked bread)

Smoked trout fillet with fennelsalad, and orange sauce. (gf)

Yellowfin row tuna fish with tat-tare in a filo crunch and avocado kennel.

Sandwich οf Salmon / avocado mousse with peanuts , side of cheeseball with shrimp ceviche, and salmon eggs with gold leaf.



Τraditional rolls stuffed with Cretan gryere on a bed of chili Marmalade.

Traditional moussaka with house made béchamel (for 2 persons).

Umami – Puff Pastry “Feta Wellington” with mushroom pate/ sweet mustard/ prosciutto and rose chutney.

Fine delights– Baked Garlic-bread with Philadelphia, mushrooms Cappuccino and a side of “Mediterannean snack” jar (mini red pepper stuffed with goat Cheese, West islands salami, sun dried tomato, Cretan olives)

Traditional Shrimps saganaki sauted with summer wine ,with fresh tomato and feta cheese.

All the appetizers except the moussaka are sized for one person (120-150grm)


“Veggie Pasta” – Pasta with summer vegetables, anchovies, caramelized onions and garlic cheese marble.

“Beef pasta” -Linguini with stir fry beef striploin, beef sauce with Merlot wine, summer mushrooms and Cretan cheese flakes.
Suggested wine: Merlot “Chateau Julia” – Proud Macedonia/ Ηellas.

“Sea food Pasta” – Pasta with sea food (fresh mussels, fresh baby squid, fresh octopus, Atlantic ocean shrimp) with ouzo and garlic.
Suggested wine: Asyrtico Nychteri/ Santorini Island / Hellas



Beef loin in summer tomato sauce with byzantine spices, and aubergine puree. (Stew)
Suggested wine: Merlot/ Monastery of the Holy Trinity/ Chania.

Lamb souvlaki marinated with herbs and olive oil, blend of country potatoes , bacon, sun dried tomatoes , mushrooms and side of traditional tzatziki.(gf)
Suggested beer: Erdinger/ Weiss bier/ Bavaria.

The  Lamb Shank – Pure and rustic lamb shank, with Cretan style pasta , cherries tomato and gratin of Cretan Greyer.
Suggested wine: Syrah Avantis/ Evoia Island.

Extras: Bowl of fresh deep fried potatoes with a side of mini sauce. (for 1-2 persons)


Grilled highland chicken fillet, on a bed of sweet potato puree, fresh vegetables, and Cretan Gruyere sauce.
Suggested whisky: Nikka Taketsuru / Japan.

Chicken “Surf & Turf“ with tiger shrimps, fresh gnocchi, and Philadelphia cream sauce.
Suggested Vodka: Cîroc / France.

Free range lamb chops (rack) with peanut crust, on a bed of homemade mashed potato / summer truffle oil puree and sweet wine sauce.
Suggested Rum: Ron Zacapa Solera Gran Reserva / Guatemala.

Ask your waiter for the day fishes that are available.


Beef steaks are recommended only medium rare or medium.

“Bill Carson’s Massive Burger” – Our culinary beef burger in a traditional brioche bread , with cheedar cheese , omelet , sweet onions , housemade tar-tare and tomato chutney (500grm). Served with traditional potatoes and a side of mini sauce jar

“Jackson’s Steak King’s Cut” –The famous old school giant beef sirloin steak , with country potatoes , summer baked vegetables , bbq sauce and mustard with Cretan honey sauce.(500+grm).(gf)

“Traditional Pepper Steak- Best part of Beef”- Our signature Dry aged Beef tenderloin with traditional pepper sauce , baby potato and premium summer vegetables.(250grm).(gf)

“Cowboy Steak – The Rib eye”- South America Black Angus Prime rib eye steak , with melted cheddar cheese baby potatoe , sour cream and season vegetable jacked in Greek prosciutto.(300grm).(gf)
Suggested whisky: Αmrut Single Malt/ India




(Highly recommended) Steak is recommended medium rare. Steak is not recommended more than medium.
Try our beef Flank Steak marinated in soya / olive oil, with sweet wine sauce, village potatoes, supported with summer Coleslaw salad. (gf)
Suggested wine: Cabernet Sauvignon Loupakis Estate/ Chania/ Crete