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The menu below is served from 01/05/2023. In case of pre-opening, restaurant serves a compressed menu, set every day according to the market availability. Thank you in advance.



Sparkling wine premium quality 150 ml.

Aperol Spritz 400 ml.

M o j i t o 400 ml.

Gin & Tonic 400 ml.

Summer fruit punch 400 ml.

Non-alcohol (Cola – Orange) 400 ml.


N I S S O S Greek microbrewery Europe medal awarded draught Pilsner 5% vol. 400 ml.

Εrdinger Authentik Bavarian Weiss Beer 5,3% vol. 330 ml.

Chimay Dark Ale Trappiest 9% vol. 330 ml.

Duvel Golden Ale 8,5% vol. 330 ml.

Premium drinks.

CÎROC vodka (Charente Maritim – France).

Grey Goose vodka (Picardy – France).

Belvedere vodka (Polmos Żyrardów – Poland).

Hendrick’s gin (Girvan / South Ayrshire – Scotland).

G’Vine gin (Cognac – France).

Nolet’s gin (Schiedam – Holland).

*+ With cranberry juice or “3 Cents” Tonic water.

Exclusive waters.

Zagori mineral water 1 lt. Location: Pindos highlands – Greece.

San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water 750 ml. Location: Bergamo – Italy.

E  v  i  a  n  mineral water 750 ml. Location: Lake Geneva – France.



Variety of breads, tzatziki (V)

The Greek salad. (Gf – V) – Cherry tomato, cucumber carpaccio, onion, pepper, olives, feta cheese, olive oil & vinegar vinaigrette.

Dolmades. (Gf – V) – Herbal rice wrapped in wine leaves, tahini & lime cream. Recommended whisky: Akashi Single Malt – Japan.

The mushrooms. (Gf – V) – White mushrooms, garlic, black rum, milk cream, Cretan gruyere topping. Recommended Rum: Ron Zacapa – Guatemala.

The sardines. – Salted sardines marinated in Cretan vinegar & olive oil, beetroot cream, bread crumble. Recommended wine glass: Prosecco Glera – Treviso Italy.

The cheese. – Feta cheese in puff pastry “a’ la Wellington” (prosciutto / mustard / mushroom pate), tomato marmalade, forest fruits. Recommended whisky: Bushmills Malt – Ireland.

The fish balls. – Deep fried day catch fish balls, beetroot carpaccio, white egg roe cream. Recommended drink: Restsina Skin contact Kehris – Macedonia / Greece.

The smoked salmon Umami. (Gf – V) – Smoked salmon, blue cheese, blueberries, mustard & honey vinaigrette. Recommended drink: Tsipouro Xinomavro Wild Ferment Babatzim – Macedonia / Greece.

Summer meze. (Gf) – Baby octopus cooked stew in tomato & house wine, bed of humus, caramelized onions. Recommended whisky: Laphroaig Quarter Cask – Scotland.

Fine delight – The tartare. (Gf) – Belly of sea bass, tiger’s milk (Leche de tigres), salmon eggs. Recommended Vodka: CÎROC – France.

Tip: For cooking we use exclusively “cold pressing” extra virgin olive oil from Chania area olive groves, produced in not more than 27 oC/80.6℉. Restaurant does not change the recipes and the ingredients of the dishes.



Chicken pasta. – Linguine, chicken breast, spinach, sweet peppers, cherry tomato, feta cream.

Salmon pasta. – Linguine, smoked salmon, sweet peppers, cherry tomato, fennel, creamy Philadelphia sauce.

Creamy beef pasta. – Linguine, beef stripes, forest mushrooms, sweet wine, milk cream, Cretan gruyere flakes.

Main  course.

The moussaka – Baked “a ’la minute”. – Potato, fried aubergine, beef mince ragu, gratin of homemade bechamel.

Street food – Βurger deluxe. – Double burgers on brioche bread, caramelized onions, mayo, melted cheddar, vegetables. Side of country style deep fried potatoes.

The chicken. (Gf) – Chicken breast, creamy gnocchi with gorgonzola, walnuts & black pepper.

Souvlaki – Chicken kebab. (Gf) – Grilled chicken & vegetables skewer, summer salad with sweet & sour vinaigrette, baby potatoes. Side of Aioli sauce.

The free-range beef Stifado. (Gf) – Beef loins slow cooked stew in olive oil & fresh tomato, bed of celery root puree, deglazed baby onions, baby potatoes.

Rustic lamb. (Gf) – Grass-fed lamb slow cooked stew in house wine and fresh tomato, bed of celery root puree, baby potatoes.

The fish. (Gf) – Wild sea bream fillet in the oven, bed of vegetable quinoa, baby potatoes, olive oil & lemon vinaigrette.

The duck “à l’ orange”. (Gf) – Pan seared butter Duck’s breast, sweet potato puree, vegetables, orange & Cointreau sauce.


      S t e a k s.      

The pork steak – King’s cut. (Gf) – Cattle: Greek “large white” red nose / Age: 8 months / Origin: Greece / 400 gr / Cut: Chuck. Mouthmelting juicy and tender grilled pork steak, vegetables & potatoes on a garlic Aioli, caramelized onions, Greek spicy mustard.

Beef house steak & pepper sauce. (Gf) – Cattle: Braford / Age: 6 – 8 months / Origin: Greece / 300 gr / Marbling score: 4 – 5 / Cut: Flat iron – Flank steak- Inside skirt. (Depending on the market availability). Fattening grilled young bull  steak, vegetables & potatoes on a garlic Aioli, gravy pepper sauce.

Signature dish – The Rangers valley Jackson’s beef steak. (Gf) – Cattle: Black Angus / Age: 6 – 8 months / Origin: Azul – Argentina / 300 gr / Marbling score: 4-5 / Cut: New York Strip. Side fat grilled beef steak, vegetables & potatoes on a garlic Aioli, gravy pepper sauce.

Cowboy steak – The Yankees farm Bill Carson’s entrecôte. (Gf) – Cattle: Black Angus & Hereford / Age: 6 – 8 months / Origin:  Valley of San Carlos – Uruguay / 300 gr / Marbling score: 8 / Cut: Rib eye. Mouthwatering grilled rib eye, vegetables & potatoes on a garlic Aioli, gravy pepper sauce.

Alternative sauce for beef steaks with no charge: Port wine sauce.


Variety of breads & extra virgin olive oil. (For 1-2 persons)

Bowl of deep-fried potatoes. (Gf / For 1-2 persons)

Port wine sauce, gravy pepper sauce, Garlic aioli, celery root puree, sweet potato puree, tzatziki spread, mini plate of vegetables. (Gf) 

Cheese for after dinner. (Gf)

Cretan gruyere with chili 125 gr.

Roquefort 125 gr.

Camembert 125 gr.

Brie 125 gr.

Chavroux 150 gr.


Vanilla & cacao mousse, dark chocolate ganache, strawberry coulis.

White Toblerone mousse, vanilla ganache, strawberry gel, morelo.

Madagascan vanilla ice cream, sponge cake, caramel syrup, grated dark chocolate.

Homemade Ferrero Rocher ball of hazelnut, milk chocolate & Nutella. Per piece 70 gr – Minimum order: 2 pieces.


Irish coffee with Irish Whiskey, whipped cream & grated dark chocolate.

Baileys coffee, whipped cream & grated dark chocolate.

Εspresso Martini. (Serkova vodka, Kahlua, espresso, sugar syrup)

Espresso – Filter.

For whisky, rum & Cognac please talk with your waiter. Top quality cigars always available.

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